Life since....March?!

Man, oh man. So truth here is that I made this site. I was super excited...and then not only have I NOT gotten around to uploading necklaces for sale (though I DO have them!) but I also lost the drive to play with it! 


So a quick recap of life....since January I have partaken in roughly 60 creative events, workshops, and happy hour dates. I'll get you more on my 'philosophy' on the importance of creative happy hour dates soon. But here are a few snaps from the first 2/3rds of this year....

I helped my hair dresser take some flat lays for her salon and then pretty much haven't shot any flat lays since! (Though I still go to Traci at SalonTrose. Shes the lady behind all my hair colors!)


I went on happy hour or brunch dates to Sweet Paris, The Dunlavy, and Tiny's No. 5. (and a ton other places but these were the only ones I had to take pretty photos at beacuse...pretty!)


I received some amazing photos from The Wedded Weekend. (Photos by Kourtney Boyett Photography and bottom right photo by C. Wright Photography.)


I spoke at a Brunch and Slay event in partnership with Apple on Women In Technology about my photo taking/editing skills for my business. (...which again I apparently wasn't doing much of at the time!)


The hubs and I got to model for a Harry Potter themed styled shoot! (Photos by C. Wright Photography.)


I developed and subsequently abandoned what I called "Retreat In a Box" (you'll hear more on that later)


I MET NATALIE FRANKE!!!!! She really is the most amazing and impactful person you could ever meet. 

File Aug 04, 3 49 11 PM.jpeg

I attended The School of Styling in Hutto (I promise to give a recap of that AND the Illume Retreat one day!)


I've had two rounds of headshots (both completely different and no longer with my hair color - whomp whomp) (Left by Perry Vaile, Right by Flat 18 Photography.)


WE MOVED OUT OF MY PARENTS HOUSE!!!!! That was a big one. I love our place. Though it's not totally unpacked and still a work in progress so NO ONE has been invited over of our sofa because we purchased it - got it upstairs - and assembled it on our own...and the pillows - THAT WAS THE HARDEST CHOICE I MADE IN LIFE! Ya'll the stress was so real!


I organized a couple Tuesday Together meetings for the Central Houston Chapter...and what we are working on is BIG YALL! (Lets add that to the list of "things to blog about" am I right?!) (Photo by Si. Creative Photography)


And the bigggggggestttttt thing of all......

You'll have to wait for the next post!! <3 

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