'A. Tak Crafts' - Behind The Adventure

How did I end up as a maker of necklaces? How did I end up a creative, small-business owner? More than likely, YOU are here because we've met or we've interacted in someway over the last two years. So, then a brief history...this gal has a degree in Theatre! I've always been creative, mostly on stage...below you have: 11th grade, singing in a musical (yes, I was blonde); 12th grade wiping a 'pie' off my face (it was shaving cream!); and sophomore year of college, getting locked into a Chevron gas station (pretty freaked out by the guy)!


And more for funsies...below you have the custom-made costumes and wigs I wore for the University of Texas performances for: Fefu & Her Friends (sophomore year), Still Life With Iris (junior year), and Pride and Prejudice (Senior year)! So, so much fun. Theatre was 'always something to work on', 'you do what needs to be done', and a ton of 'making stuff up'! Also pursuing theatre in Austin was an absolutely amazing time. 


Then after graduating, the BIG plan was to save money, move to LA, and be a movie star! Hahaha, then I met my hubs and threw it all out the window. He and I knew rather quickly that we were done searching and that one day we'd get married. So, like most girls, I began planning our wedding before we were engaged! 

 Photo snapped by my sister, hiding to capture it!

Photo snapped by my sister, hiding to capture it!


My creative side 'woke up' (we were 3 years out of college) and I was back to 'always something to work on' and 'making stuff up'! My hubby did help with things, he made a set of bag-toss boards with his dad, but almost EVERYTHING from our wedding was crafted by me, my mom, or my sister. From invites, to centerpieces, to bouquets, to my hair piece, everything was DIY-ed. Below is a brief summary of some of the crafted things from our New Years Eve wedding (my bouquet, groom's 'cake', bridesmaids bouquets, invitations, marquee, centerpieces, boutonnieres, bride's 'cake'...I'm sure you get the picture!)


Our wedding was wonderful and once it was over, it was January and baseball season for the hubs (he was a high school coach at the time) and I found myself with NOTHING TO DO! 

 One more shot, for fun. Photo by  Forever Photography Studio .

One more shot, for fun. Photo by Forever Photography Studio.


And the journey began to find something new to do! Truthfully, I wanted something to do with my hands! I was in serious craft-withdrawals! Between our wedding and creating my first necklace I made a bachelorette sash, Elsa wands, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles masks, brooch hair combs, a floral crown (for the bachelorette) with coordinating hair pieces (for the rest of the gals), and a rehearsal dinner bouquet. I basically tried to find any reason to craft something!! (Forgive my attempts at styling and editing the below...at least I documented them!)


The end of August (of 2014) I had been eyeing tassel necklaces online and after looking at a bunch of them, I decided "I can make that!". I started picking out items to make myself two necklaces and then necklaces for my mom, my sister, and my two co-workers that I saw everyday! Very quickly after that, I had a couple friends ask about the necklaces and I designed necklaces for them! It snowballed and I've made necklaces since! To date, I've likely made over 700 necklaces, mostly pendant necklaces, and you can see some of my favorites here

 The original pendants that started it all!

The original pendants that started it all!


If you've read this far...haha, I thank you! One, I can ramble. Two, I feel like I have a ton of 'catching-up' to do since I've been in business for a long while but haven't fully documented my journey online (except in pictures, on Instagram). And if you REALLY like me...stay tuned to read how the name "A. Tak Crafts" was decided on! (*Update - you can find that here!)