A Long Time Coming...

A. Tak Crafts finally has a legit website!! Annnnnd a blog! Yay! So here is the traditional post where I admit that I have NO idea what I'm doing! <insert cry/laughing emoji here - which is my favorite emoji while writing here> And to preface everything, I am not good with grammar. I like to write how I would talk and I will likely miss commas or add extra ones...so, right off the bat, I ask your grammar forgiveness! I have also noticed that 1) I ramble, 2) I have much to say, and 3) I use 'so' often! 

Likely you are here because you already know me in some way. You know me as a necklace maker and possibly as 'that girl who always posts in the Tuesday's Together group'. (If the term "Tuesday's Together" is foreign, that's okay! You should check out this brand for creative small business owners!) You may or may not know that I have a degree in Theatre from the University of Texas, which may explain some of my silliness and tendency to tell stories. I consider myself to be pretty open with my experiences, so, if you ask, I will likely share! 

 Photo by  Elisheva Golani Photography . Calligraphy by  Hey Bernadette .

You can read a bit more about me, A. Tak, here, and I will have subsequent posts coming up with more information on how the brand and the name came into existence so be sure to come back and check those out!  

 Photo by  Elisheva Golani Photography .&nbsp;Makeup by  Rivki Makeup Artistry .&nbsp;Calligraphy by  Hey Bernadette . Balloon by  Big Ass Balloons . Cake by  Maple and Love .&nbsp;

Photo by Elisheva Golani Photography. Makeup by Rivki Makeup Artistry. Calligraphy by Hey Bernadette. Balloon by Big Ass Balloons. Cake by Maple and Love


I'll keep this post short and sweet. I am so happy you are here. I am excited to share my stories and thoughts and also document some fun things happening with aTc this year! Much love to each of you and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter! (Which once I get the hang of, will be the way to get necklace coupons and eventually fun information and launches!)