How Can I Help YOU? / How I CAN Help You!

What's currently on my heart and my plate...

I am a helper. An ESFJ almost 100%. And where I find myself now is wishing I could multiply myself so that I could help all of my creative business owning friends! If you followed my Instagram story this saw that I am already helping out a few amazing Houston small businesses! From production/assembly/prep to delivery to hands-on tackling tasks...even admin work - I've been enjoying it all!

So the title to this post...isn't it funny how switching a couple words around can completely change the meaning? 


So..."how can I help YOU"? I want to know! You, awesome boss-lady, have struggles. You have the things in your business that you don't reallllly want to do. You have the things that you LOVE doing! Here are a couple examples I've come across:

  • Possibly you work on weddings and your dream would be to envision and create and not deal with the nitty gritty of invoices.
  • Possibly you work with food and you'd rather focus on media and promotion of the business than being stuck in a kitchen?
  • Possibly you make products and are too busy dealing with inventory that you yearn for the days when all you needed to do was design.

Once you know the things you WANT to be doing, you can easily determine the things that you'd rather not those things in mind?? GOOD! Now are you unsure in the ways I could potentially help you grow your business or get you to the next season? Keep reading!


So "How I CAN help you"...I have:

  • a set of eyes to catch flaws or website glitches;
  • a set of hands to set up weddings or make your product;
  • a thoughtful brain to sound off ideas with you or discover ways you can do your job better; 
  • a warm heart to make your customers feel appreciated or help you find your place in our creative community; and
  • a car for deliveries, etc.
  • an opportunity to help...

Clearly I could go on....


So what then, you ask? Reach out to me! Send me an email or a direct message and let me know what your struggle is and how you think I can help you! 

If you know you want help, but don't even know where to start, still reach out! We can get coffee (locally if your in Houston or virtually if you aren't) and start discussing what your needs may be and how I can assist you with them! 


I'm also going to add that I don't have a cloning machine (I'd honestly prefer a time machine but that's a whole other rabbit hole haha) so if I am unable to assist - I would LOVE to direct you to someone who can! I know of a handful of other ladies with eyes, hands, hearts, etc like mine and I can connect the two of you! 

Side note - if you're someone who thinks "Oh yes I completely agree with you!" or even "I have my business but I'd love some extra work here and there" give me a shout too!! I may be able to direct YOU to the perfect person looking for your assitance! 


SO there you have it. First week of October 2017 and this is where I live. Where I vibe. Please leave me a message below (though sometimes comments are tricky so why not just contact me instead!)....and I have some lovely ladies keeping me accountable to write a blog post every I'd love to see you back here again!! 

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