MEET ASHLEY (aka 'A. Tak')

Ashley Takacs ("A. Tak") is the creative behind A. Tak Crafts. She's a crafter of ideas, solutions, social media, and connection. She's a Houstonian, wife, and Longhorn with a Theatre degree. As an ESFJ, you can often find her providing encouragement and any assistance she can offer for her friends. Her favorite pastimes include hanging with her husband, binge watching Netflix and meeting new creatives. Ashley is a lover of cobalt blue, champagne, fresh flowers, and all things gold. She lives for genuine connection and makes beaded necklaces on occasion.



Established in September 2015, A. Tak Crafts officially started with the creation of custom necklaces for close friends and family. You can read more about how aTc came to exist here and how the name was created here.

A. Tak Crafts necklaces are each unique. Designs are mostly neutrals that could be worn with everything but there is also the occasional pop of color or 'wild' necklace. As of August 2017, A. Tak Crafts ceases accepting custom necklace requests. 

In 2017, A. Tak Crafts will aspire to serve the creative community with more than just necklaces. 

2018 may bring an entire new brand.